In The Middle CD

Making this record was truly one of the most satisfying undertakings of my life. For the first time, I was given the opportunity to rehearse and record with some of the best musician and engineers in the business. At the time, I was a staff-songwriter at a prestigious publishing company; I had some songs on the radio, and just bought a new guitar! What else could be going right? People tell me it's sort of a James Taylor kind of thing. Well, how can it not be? Most every songwriter of a certain age that I know has been influenced in some way by the man. I humbly accept the comparison, and hope you come away from listening to this record with as much joy as I had making it.

Greater Gravity (digital download only)

Greater Gravity is a collection of songs that were intended for various other projects, but when I started making a list, I discovered a curious continuity beginning to take shape. Some of these tunes have been around a while, and some are pretty new, but you'll find they all belong together; like scattered members of a disassembled baseball team, they still play well together after all this time.
Collections (digital download only)

The fan's have spoken, and the votes are in for the five most requested downloads! I've also put together some five-song samplers for whatever mood you happen to be in.

Britt Lane-Beautiful Love CD/DVD

What an honor it has been for me to experience this music through the genius of such a young and talented artist like Britt Lane. These songs were meant to be sung just this way! Her interpretive skills are innate, and she possess an easy confidence while working through songs that are, quite frankly, not easy to sing. After working with Britt, I can't help but hear her voice in a lot of the work I do. If you enjoy music for it's own sake, I recommend this highly!
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Britt Lane at BMI signing, with DVD video producer/director Greg Leslie (on left), Britt Lane (middle), Jody Williams, vice-president, BMI Nashville (rear), and composer/CD producer Steve Leslie (on right).