The fine art of songwriting

33 lessons, videos, pdfs, mp3s, recommended exercises

  • Learn the principles behind ALL great songwriting regardless of style.
  • Connect with your listeners on a much deeper level than ever before.
  • Unlock the magic of story-telling in your lyric and harmonic writing.
  • Learn a songwriting approach you won't find anywhere else—taught by a master teacher.
  • Watch your songs go from good to great!
  • All taught by Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter Steve Leslie!


guitar method & music theory for songwriters

33 lessons, videos, pdfs, chord charts, chord progressions

  • Designed specifically for the songwriter who writes on guitar.
  • Master chords and chord progressions and paint with a wider palette. 
  • Why play just a G chord when you can play a GMaj9!
  • Music theory simplified and explained. 
  • Learn how to communicate with other musicians. 
  • Includes chord symbols and the Nashville Number System.
  • All taught by Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter with BM in Jazz Studies/Guitar